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Company Philosophy

Since the company’s inception one of the primary goals was to have the artisans be an important part of the manufacturing structure.

We accomplished this objective with financing the creation of the workshops with the idea that they would be owner/operators once the financing was repaid.

The benefits have been many for both raquel’s collection, inc., as well as for the artisans. In the process of achieving the company’s goals a new industry was created in peru making it possible for carpenters, carvers, refinishers and artists/artisans, to improve their families’ standard of living.

The designs are provided and are the property of raquel’s collection, the workshops are continuously supervised and taught techniques for a higher quality product to be achieved.

Throughout the entire manufacturing and assembling process this partnership enables the company in the united states to market, advertise and deliver quality functional artistic pieces of furniture and accessories to retailers around the country.


Company History

In the year 1977 the company started promoting and selling hand-crafted, contemporary primitive art from world-wide cultures.

In the early part of 1980 the company’s direction and focus was to develop, in peru, a line of furniture and accessories that would embrace an old world feeling.

Inspired by early european hand-painted furniture and emulating the proven techniques of french and italian skilled artisans the idea was on its way to become a reality.

Selecting local artisans and introducing them to the old world techniques was a process that took many years and continues until today.

The acceptance that the line of furniture experienced was the determining factor to open our first organized artisan workshop/factory. Since then, an additional two workshops have been added and we hope that our continued growth will enable us to open soon a fourth facility.